November 27, 2011

Newsflash: Fitting Pants is HARD!

       …But I can see progress.  After cutting the Butterick jeans down to a size 18, the top part fits more how I expected.  I need more room in the tush and less in the waist, which are relatively easy fixes.  I went ahead and did those alterations and am most of the way done with my “wearable muslin”.  I know people don’t like that term, but I would never get started if I didn’t give myself something like that – a pair that has the potential to end up wearable, but that won’t be a heartrending loss if they don’t turn out.  Unfortunately, my sewing speed is not keeping up with the rate at which my pants are falling apart, so I had to buy a couple of RTW pairs as a stopgap measure.  While I know that they won’t fit as well as my custom made ones eventually will, I do have to put in a plug for the new Levi’s CurveID system for A) acknowledging that there are customers out there with giant rears  and B) being the only RTW jeans to fit me without a ginormous gap at the back waistband.  Of course, the department stores only carry the less curvy styles, so I’m waiting on my online order to come in.

      Hopefully everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  I am currently at the BF’s BFF’s house for Thanksgiving #3.  Though I still would have preferred to have gone home, friends filled the gap quite nicely.  Lots of fun and lots of food to work off.  Here’s hoping my pants-in-progress still fit when I get home!

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