November 10, 2011

Holy Huge Muslins, Batman!

So after abandoning my Built By Wendy Pants pattern, I moved to Butterick 5682, thinking that since  there are so many views in the same pattern that mastering one would give me easy access to a decent variety of pants with minimal variation.  Once I get a pants pattern to fit, it will be assembly line sewing time.  I’ve got plenty of tops to make it for a while (even if not all of them are the most flattering things in the world), but I am always short on pants.  There’s only one RTW jeans brand that even remotely fits well, and as hard as I am on clothing I can’t afford to replace them as fast as I wear them out, which is why I’m tackling what is arguably one of the hardest items of clothing to fit when my skills may or may not be up to it.  Even if I don’t get a perfect fit for a while, even a mediocre fit will be better than what I’ve got now.  So I dove in. 

So according to the pattern, I’m a 20 in the hip and between a 16 and 18 in the waist.  For my first muslin, I cut a straight 20, thinking it would be easy enough to take in at the waist if it was close everywhere else.  But somehow, it ended up HUGE everywhere!

Super sad face about the huge muslin...

 After these pictures I just went ahead and unpicked the muslin to use for the next one, where I’ll be starting from an 18, possibly with just a protruding derriere adjustment to start with.  After that, I may just dive in.  I’m sick of muslins, and I have fabric that is subpar compared to my fashion fabric but still wearable that I can use for my first real attempt.  Last night I also traced my first Burda, #108 from the September 2011 issue.  It’s a simple shirt with cut on sleeve, just to test out the process/fit. So we'll see how that goes.  I just found out I'm hosting an impromptu get-together tomorrow night (No one else in my research group has seen Rocky Horror Picture Show, so we're having a movie watching night), which means I need to clean the apartment!

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