October 27, 2011

Scrappy Rug and A Picture That Says It All

So here’s the scrappy locker hooked rug that’s taken up all my time for the last week or so, and for good reason.  It was a birthday present for my mom who visited last weekend, for her birthday which was at the end of September.  She saw my rug like this and specifically requested one, so I couldn’t say no (not that I would want to-my mom is the most giving lady ever!)

 Since that’s over with though, I’ve got new mojo born of enforced time away from sewing.  I’ve got pants muslin #2 finished, and unfortunately I think this pants pattern and I will have to part ways.  I know Built by Wendy is marketed to younger sewists, which explains the really low rise, but apparently all younger sewists also fit into a size 12 RTW.   So instead of fighting a pattern that is really not made to fit me, I’m scrapping the whole idea and switching to Butterick 5682 , which actually comes in my size, and doesn’t look like it has the super low waist.  I have khaki twill fabric and this is a jeans pattern, but I think if I use the trouser style it should be fine. So we’ll see how that goes.  I’m done with the FBA on the Kwik Sew 3338 I made up before, so at the moment it’s still “learn how to fit time” at my house, but it’s more progress than has been seen in the last few weeks.  (Sad, I know.)

Everything that's been going on sewing wise around here can be summed up in this picture of my kitchen table: There's the altered Kwik Sew sitting with the next fabric I'm going to make it up in, the Butterick jeans pattern in the process of being cut out, and the kitty doing whatever she can to make it all more difficult. :)

October 13, 2011

Kwik Sew 3338 Finished and A Scientific Approach to Sewing

     It seems like I haven’t finished anything in forever, so getting Kwik Sew 3338 banged out was a relief, even though it isn’t my favorite.  I intentionally made this is a fabric I less-than-loved, because I am coming to realize that for my shape I have to make some pretty serious alterations to basically any pattern to make it fit.  The BF says this fabric is too shiny for real life, and I’m generally inclined to agree.  
Slightly fugly fabric
    Fabric aside, the fit is meh, which is why you're seeing pictures on my dressform. For my next try (and there will be a next try; I want to make this a TNT), I’m going to cut out a full size smaller and just do the mother of all FBA’s on it.  Also, the first time I accidentally put the neck binding on as if it were a neck band, and then it got all stretched and wonky when I ripped it out and redid it.  I could cut a new one, but it’s not worth the effort for something that I’ll probably only wear around the house.  
See the shiny polyester?
        There are a few things that did work about this top.  I added 2” to the length, and that was about right (I may add another inch, but I just like shirts long).  I learned how to use a twin needle correctly, and I love how professional that finish looks in comparison to a zigzag.  That’s really about it.
But I’ve decided that’s okay. 

         I am a scientist by trade, and I can’t help but keep looking at sewing the same way I look at my graduate training now.  With every garment I make (or every reaction I run), I learn new techniques and get a little bit closer to perfecting the ones I already knew.  If I get something useful out at the end, great; if not, I’m still learning.  I am allowed to just enjoy the process of sewing and not really worry about whether I get lots of wearable things out yet – the lab uniform for most people is jeans and the least holey t-shirt they could find that day, so there’s no outside pressure for me.  The only thing I hadn’t been doing was taking adequate notes on what I’m learning from each garment.  So my sketchbook of ideas now contains “what I learned” from each garment, and in the case of my pants, each muslin.  I don’t own any expensive fabric (yet) so I’m trying to just use what I’ve got for learning and not put any pressure on myself to get beautiful garments out at the end. Yet.