September 29, 2011

Why I'm fixing hockey gear instead of sewing for me...

      So I’d like it known that generally, I am a selfish sewer.  Nothing on the level of the true Selfish Seamstress, of course, but generally cranky about sewing for other people.  The BF gets things when he does all the cutting and pressing for me, and my two year old niece gets things because she’s too darn cute, and her clothes take no time.  Things like hemming pants for the BF or even myself, in a reasonable amount of time?  Forget it.  There are new shiny things to be made instead.  And then there’s Brett.  Brett is the BF’s best friend from college, and I am currently mending his hockey gear, and doing it gladly.  Brett is my go-to guy for just about anything, from my computer to my car, and he’s a good old fashioned friend, in that I know if either of us ever needed him, he would be there in a second.  Not only this, but the last few years for Brett have not been kind.  At 25, he’s a cancer survivor, has found out his stepdad stole $150,000 from his trust established from the malpractice suit of his dad, who died due to improper anesthesia during surgery,  has had his identity stolen and his bank accounts emptied, and has had his car totaled (never his fault) at least twice.  If I can help him out by sewing on some buckles or mending a pair of pants, it gets done.  He deserves it.   
           The stinky hockey gear is almost done, and I have gotten a muslin of my first pants done.  However, the back view is improper for the general internet, because there is not nearly enough fabric back there!  My mom always takes opportunities like this to comment that she doesn’t know how I managed to get a J.Lo. butt, and it’s true.  All the women in my family have basically non-existent rear ends, and have the opposite problem of never filling out pants.  Genetics is a funny thing.  Hopefully soon there will be a postable muslin (after a Protruding Seat Adjustment to the pattern), as well as the Kwik Sew 3338 I’ve got in the works.   Hope everyone’s having fun thinking about Fall sewing!

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