September 16, 2011

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades...

...and that's where everything I'm working on stands.  I got the shrunken skirt fixed, except that it needs an invisible zipper I don't have yet.  A set of hockey gear I'm fixing for a friend just needs one more buckle.  I ran out of interfacing to finish the project I'm currently working on (first time using a vintage pattern!). None of these things will get done this weekend, because I found out yesterday we will be having unexpected houseguests for the weekend.  Sigh.  However,  there is one tiny glimmer of hope that I am still able to finish something sewing related, even if it's not clothing.

I made a sewing machine cover out of this fabric for a swap on Craftster, and have been hoarding the little scrap of it left, and the perfect project hit me!  I'm horrible about my pincushion being all over the place by the time I actually go to sew, and this way I always have one handy!  Plus it's awfully cute, if I say so myself.  A quick little project that let me use up scraps, as well as an orphan button, and serves a useful sewing purpose.  I'm calling it a win.  Hopefully my next post will be full of completed items and not full of whining. 

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  1. Definitely a win, and cute to boot. My life is full of sewing UFOs (unfinished objects). I'm just waiting for a good, rainy fall weekend - perfect for sewing.