August 24, 2011

Simplicity 2181: Not Quite What I Expected

Alright, so I finished my sleeveless top, just in time to not really get much use out of it.  Unfortunately, through no fault of the pattern, I have a few problems with it.

Pardon the late night hair and pajama shorts...
1. The twist falls in an unfortunate place right under my bust.  In my original “vision”, the twist was further down, more by the hip.  Looking at the pattern envelope, I think this was just a disconnect in my head; it looks about halfway up, but I just didn’t realize how weird it would look with my chest there.  The big bust strikes again.

2.  Speaking of bust, I REALLY need to learn a real FBA, as opposed to using cheater methods.  It’s painfully obvious in this top (hugely gaping armholes, anyone?)  Fast Fit by Sandra Betzina is on its way to my house specifically for this purpose.

3.  This really needs to have been made up with in a beefier knit.  I’ve been nervous to buy online, as I don’t have the years of experience to necessarily think through what a fabric will work for with just a description.  But I think now I’ve heard of enough good sources from the various blogs and am just getting fed up enough with the quality of stuff I get from Joann’s to venture into that field.

With all this said, however, I think this top will work underneath a cardigan or something at work (which is most likely how it would get worn most of the time anyway).  

If I were to make it again, I would make a lot of changes.  I already added 2” to the length at the waistline and I would increase that at least another inch.  As I just said, I would do a real FBA and get a heavier knit, and I would also lengthen the overlay piece considerably to move the twist down.  I might add a teensy bit more ease; I know knits aren't supposed to be baggy, but this is a bit tighter than I think looks good on me.  Also, I would try to do something different with the facings.  I don’t know if completely self-lining is a good idea, but the way they have you do a back facing just resulted (for me) in a bulky lump that I really dislike.

On someone without the ridiculous chest I have, I think this would be a pretty cute top, and I may have to rework it just for the challenge of making it work for me.  So I’m not calling this a failure, I’m calling it motivation for independent design. :)

After this ordeal, I want something easy-peasy and feel-good.  I’m going to make up the Yard Sale Wrap Skirt from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.  I think I have just enough of a beigey, crinkly kind-of-looks-like-linen fabric that I’ve had forever (I could do a burn test, but I’m lazy).  It’s a longish skirt, and the fabric is a decent weight, so I’m hoping this will be something I can wear now with sandals and in the winter with tights and boots.  We’ll see how it goes. 


  1. I think it looks good. Love the color!

  2. Cute top on you anyway! Wear it with pride girl!
    I might have to try that one for one of my girls.