August 3, 2011

New and Improved Nook!

      So this post was delayed slightly due to the fact that my camera does not appear to come home from Milwaukee when I did.  I'm holding out hope, but it appears that it may be lost for good.  Fortunately I located the BF's digital camera for the meantime. 

     The nook is all set up! I got a 6 foot "banquet table" from Target, and my only gripe with it thus far is that if I sew too quickly, it sort of bounces.  I may end up moving my machines to the ends to get a little more stability.  In this picture you can see my Brother1034D serger, bought with my tax return last year.  Under the stylish Snow White cover is my Brother XL-5962 sewing machine.  I bought it when I was a sophomore in college at Goodwill for $20.  Best investment I've ever made? Quite probably.

    As you can see, I had already begun sewing again by the time I found the camera.  I just couldn't wait until I got the fabric pretreated for Simplicity 2181, though as of last night it is ready and waiting in the wings. Instead, I started working on McCall's 3789, the costume for the BF, which I had already cut out.  It's a super simple tunic and shouldn't take very long to put together.  I actually enjoy doing costumes, because they often let me try out new techniques but don't require hard wearing seam finishes or intricate linings because they are worn so rarely.  Even if there are small mistakes I would hate in my wardrobe, they still look a million times better than anything you can purchase in stores, but at a fraction of the cost.  In my case, often the costume you want to wear just does not exist, so there is no choice but to make it.  At which point I'm glad I sew.

   Speaking of costumes, I should have plenty of costume pics to show you over the next few days, because today we are leaving for GenCon!  Yes, folks, in addition to being a chemistry nerd, I am a gaming nerd.  For those of you who are not, GenCon is the biggest tabletop gaming (a.k.a. Dungeons and Dragons) conference in the country.  It's in Indianapolis, and important enough for me to use a large chunk of my total vacation days to go.  (I promise I'm not gone this much usually - things just happened all at once this summer!)  So I'll be pretty much incommunicado until next Monday, but there will be pretty costume pictures to make up for it, I promise!


  1. Pretty thread rack, I'm jealous!
    I should really try to put something together for hanging scissors and such. I have a mug and a rotating plastic thingy that hold a lot of long thin tools, but yet my desk is always cluttered.
    I finally made a trunk (just whitewood for the first one. My patterns seem to want to live in it.)
    You mentioned that small mistakes in normal clothes you make prevent you from wearing them-- how closely do you inspect clothes that you buy? After inspecting a bunch of RTW clothes (including some high-end stuff at a consignment shop) I realized that there are an awful lot of imperfections in professionally made clothes too. It's mostly a matter of what draws the eye. When you're making something, you see every mistake, because the nature of making something is that you have to notice all the details. But a mistake that's obvious when looking at a seam is often utterly invisible when looking at a garment. This is even truer when it comes to anything that people imagine being made in factories. In the mind of anybody who doesn't sew, there's no such thing as homemade jeans.

  2. I actually got that thread rack from a yard sale for $2. I definitely like hanging versus things sitting on the actual table. I keep things like my sewing gauge and marking chalk just in a coffee mug on the desk, but I've been trying to figure out a better solution for that.

    The small mistakes don't necessarily prevent me from wearing the clothes; they just bug me because I know they're there. I definitely see what you mean about RTW though. More and more I notice the shoddy construction and know I could do better (if only I had the time!). Luckily I know that most things I wear to work will end up with acid holes in them, so now I just don't feel so bad about destroying my RTW. Is that bad? :)