August 9, 2011

Happy but exhausted

I'm finally back home, and will actually be here for longer than a few days this time!  Vacationing is fun, but two trips with a move in between is just a bit much.  However, GenCon was ridiculously awesome, as always. One of my best friends lives in Indianapolis, so hanging out with him and his GF made the whole thing more fun!  I unfortunately missed the costume contest this year, but there are amazing costumes pretty much no matter where you look (oh, the steampunk loveliness...).  Lots of inspiration for next year.  I may, in fact, do a post laying out the costume plans soon.

GenCon also means that I finally got pictures of the first costume I made for the BF.  This is an Organization XIII outfit from the Kingdom Hearts video game, made from Simplicity 5386, View A (heavily modified). This was also several sewing firsts - first time modifying a pattern and my first "real" zipper.  It is far from perfect, and you will probably see a version 2.0 sometime, but it was a real confidence booster and he loves it, so a win all around.

We spent last night unpacking (again) and generally recovering from vacation, but hopefully I will have a completed project to post soon!

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