August 26, 2011

The Current State of My Wardrobe

So I’m still working on the Yard Sale Wrap skirt, but it’s slow going trying to squeeze it out of not really enough fabric.  With this bit of dead time, I thought I’d share the current sorry state of my wardrobe.  To date, most of my sewing has been costumes for GenCon or other gaming events, with the exception of a few easy skirts.  On a day to day basis I wear the same sorry set of worn out T-shirts and giant hoodies.  I would like to look nicer, but finding anything in RTW that looks even remotely good is such a chore that I inevitably give up.  I am slowly weeding out some of the worst offenders, and I actually still have a lot of clothes, but very few make me feel good wearing them.  While looking nice is by no means a requirement for my job (my advisor couldn’t care less what I’m wearing as long as I get results), I find that I have a much better attitude towards life when I know I look decent.  Additionally, I’m still teaching, and I feel like I get a little more respect when I’m dressed nicely.

So here are my requirements for my ideal wardrobe right now:

1.        Has to be basically all separates.  While I could wear dresses, I have to wear shoes that completely cover my foot while in lab, which limits me to dresses that look good with tights and boots.  More casual skirts that work with tennis shoes are doable

2.       Heavy on the long sleeves.   This is Wisconsin.  It’s cold most of the year, and even in the summer I am usually in a sweatshirt because the air conditioning makes it cold inside.

3.       Modest.  I have a hard enough time being one of only two girls in my lab; I don’t need anyone ogling anything while I’m at work.

4.       Not shapeless.  This is usually my go-to solution for accomplishing #3, and we all know if you wear a giant t-shirt, you look like you fill said giant t-shirt.  Not flattering.

5.       Age appropriate.  I haven’t been able to fit into anything junior basically ever because of my long torso, so I’m less worried about the juvenile look than going too dowdy.

6.       Stylish (for my body type).  Here I’m less worried about being on trend than things that will always look good my shape.  This may take some trial and error.  

I think that sets the bar pretty high, and it will take a long ways to get there, but it’s nice to be able to visualize going to my closet and knowing everything in it will fit me and look good.  Of course, by that time I’ll have probably (hopefully) gotten a job and have a whole different set of requirements, but that’ll just mean I never run out of things to sew!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I think it's great that you are trying to up your fashion game. When I finished grad school (in chem too - woo hoo! go chem girls), every (and I do mean every) article of clothing I owned had acid holes in it. When I landed my teaching job, I was in a panic because I had absolutely nothing to wear. My first several paychecks got completely spent on wardrobe needs. Ah, memories of the good old days...

  2. Oh, the acid holes...I'd say only half my stuff has them so far, but I'm only a year in so there's quite a ways to go! I told myself if I wear things I've made I'll just have to actually wear my lab coat all the time, which is probably not a bad idea anyway. (And heck yeah chemistry!)