July 29, 2011

Possible First Projects

Work on getting my sewing nook all set up is continuing. There is now a table in the space and everything is more or less packed how I'd like it.  Then of course the BF does laundry and dumps all the clean laundry on my table.  Grrr...

However, this means the time has almost come for me to actually put some sewing on the sewing blog (go figure).  I will be the first to admit that I have sewing ADD; I almost never have just one project on the table at a time.  This is something I hope blogging will help with, but I accept that I will never be the type of person who always just picks one project and follows it through from start to finish before starting the next one.  Keeping that in mind, here are the possible candidates for my first blogged project:

           Simplicity 2181, View C in this knit from JoAnn's (the green is darker than it looks in the picture)

2.       Built By Wendy basic fitted shirt (from the first book) from lovely teal striped fabric I’m pretty sure I got for free off Craigslist

 Simplicity 3956, View C, in brown poly shantung with coral patterned overlay (also from JoAnn's)


   Plus, I already have all the pieces of McCall's Costume 3789 cut out to make the tunic part of a costume for the BF (Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon, if you were curious.)

     Each of these has their merits. I really want to do the sleeveless top before sleeveless weather is completely gone here in WI.  I’ve not yet done a nice fitted shirt, and the Built By Wendy pattern looks nice; I’m just afraid of the stripes, even though I adore the fabric.  The long sleeved pattern I think will look really flattering and I’ve been trying to get more brown into my wardrobe.  None of the sewing will happen this weekend, unfortunately, as I will be on a trip with my research group to Milwaukee.  Any thoughts on what I should start with when I get back?


  1. Why are you afraid of the stripes?
    Do sleeveless first, while it's still appealing! I find it so difficult to sew for seasons other than the one I'm in at the moment. I just can't focus on a coat in August or a summer top in January.

  2. I guess "scared of" is the wrong wording. I'm at the point where I'm really just generally in need of clothes. The t-shirts from high school are just not cutting it anymore, and I need to crank some things out. I know with the stripes that I am the unfortunate combination of perfectionist but impatient, and I think it's a project that should wait until I don't feel the time pressure as much, so I can take my time and match things up correctly. I agree, the sleeveless will probably be coming out first.